benefits.ml.com the Japanese out of the Earth Indonesia, onlinecci.com the world of art get fresh air. Independence period actually get real freedom. It is characterized by the emergence of various groups or associations of artists, among other things:
  1. In 1946 stood SIM (Artist Indonesia Muda) previously named "Artist of society". Led by S. Sudjojono , members: Affandi , Sudarso, Gunawan, Abdus Salam, Poster and so on.
  2. In 1947 the painter rakyatyang standing association led by Affandi and Hendra SIM out of the association. Members of folk painters include: Hendra, Saso, Kusnadi and so on.
  3. In 1948 established associations that provide drawing courses, namely Prabangkara. Furthermore SIM figures, folk painter et al. formulate the establishment of educational institutions Academy of Arts Rupa.Tokoh pioneering institutions include S. Sudjojono, Hendra Gunawan , Djayengasmoro, Kusnadi, Sindusisworo and others.
  4. In 1950 in London stand Hall College of Teachers Gambaryang pioneered by Prof. Syafei Sumarja assisted by Muhtar Apin, Ahmad Sadali, Sudjoko, Edi Kanta Subraka and others. onlinecci.com
  5. In 1959 the Higher Education Council of Teachers Figure transformed into the Department of Fine Arts at the Bandung Institute of Technology.
  6. In this period is characterized by more stable establishment of formal education
    ASRI establishment (Academy of Fine Arts of Indonesia) Date January 18, 1948 in Yogyakarta with director RJ Katams.
    College of Teachers Pictures (now art department ITB) pioneered by Prof. Syafei Sumarja in Bandung.
    Teachers image at the level of secondary schools demanded the formation of fine arts majors in college Pendidikanyang Institute of Teacher Training and the largest in Indonesia.
    From the period of Formal Education born painters akademisseperti: Widayat, Bagong Kusudiharjo, Edhi Sunarso, Saptoto, G. Sidhartha, Abas Alibasyah, Hardi, Sunarto, Siti Rulyati, Mulyadi, Irsam, Arief Sudarsono, Agus Generous, aming Prayitno, and other ( Yogyakarta). Popo Iskandar, Achmad Sadali, But Muchtar, Srihadi, AD Pirous, Hariadi, Kabul Arabia, Sunaryo, Jim Supangat, Pandu Sadewa, T. Sutanto. (Bandung).
    Examples of the work period Formal education:
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